Permitted development scheme for large deluxe property in Harrogate underway on site

This derelict and run-down farmhouse in Follifoot, Harrogate, was purchased by our Client with the aspiration to create a wonderful ‘forever home’ for the family. With an extensive ‘wish list’ and a keen eye for ergonomic space planning, they came to us to design something that would sit well in the open countryside and be an everyday pleasure to come home to and live in together.

Benefiting from incredible views over the open countryside, the setting of the property compensated for what the original dwelling lacked in size. This limited size presented the greatest challenge; which only a substantial extension and efficient internal space planning could overcome. While our initial planning negotiations with the Local Authority seemed very positive, as we were about to submit a full application, we were advised that the proposed extension was simply ‘too large’.

Looking to Permitted Development rights, we prepared an alternative scheme that exploited the orientation of the principle elevation (in close liaison with Walton & Co. Planning Lawyers). This much larger scheme still gave due consideration to the external aesthetics and actually allowed us to meet more of the Clients aspirations as well as creating a 25m pool where swimmers are rewarded by framed views over the valley. This scheme was granted a Certificate of Lawful Development in Spring 2010 and work has commenced on site.

The success of this scheme, has since led to our appointment on a similar farmstead in North Rigton, where again the Client now also has the benefit of a Certificate of Lawful Development for a substantial extension.