your project

A 12 Step Process

  • Initial Visit / Meeting

One of our experienced members of staff will meet with you to discuss your needs and aspirations and do an initial appraisal of the site’s constraints and opportunities. This meeting allows us to get a basic understanding of what you’re looking for and you can determine if we are the right Architects Practice for you.

  • Feasibility Study

An in-house study, based on the initial brief discussed and any information you provide, to determine the feasibility of the project. We will further assess constraints and opportunities to determine the best option(s) available.

  • Survey

The instruction of a professional surveying company to perform a full topographical site survey including levels, any existing buildings, structures and services. and/or detailed building survey (plans and elevations) is recommended. Survey information forms the basis of our design and drawings so requires reliable and accurate information.

  • Outline Proposals

Our initial design ideas are informed by your brief and the feasibility study. We prepare Outline Proposals so you can understand the principles of the design and approach we feel is the best fit for the building and/or site as well as your needs and aspirations.

  • Design Development

Informed by your feedback, we develop the design with consideration to structure, construction and building services systems. During the design process we look in more detail at site layout, context, building orientation, building form, massing, space planning and aesthetic.

  • Detailed Proposals

Detailed Proposals, including site plan, plans and elevation drawings, are prepared for your approval. Proposals are sufficiently developed for submission of an application for full planning / listed building consent / conservation consent, etc. 

  • Planning Consent Application

Following any preliminary discussions / meetings with the planners, we prepare all the necessary documentation and collate the submission package for the relevant application(s) to the Local Authority. This includes drawings, design and access statement and planning forms.

  • Final Proposals

The design is developed to a technical level with specifications for construction purposes incorporated, including materials and finishes. This technical design stage includes detailed coordination of all elements of the building. We liaise with specialists and design consultants (e.g. Structural Engineer) and coordinate their information and detailed designs into the scheme. We prepare drawing information required for meeting statutory standards and construction safety.

  • Building Control Application

All the necessary drawings and documentation are prepared and collated for a formal Building Control application and submitted to the Local Authority or Approved Inspector on your behalf.

  • Tender, Contract & Building

We provide information and advise on the most appropriate contract for your development; prepare of tender documents for issue to potential contractors and assist you with your selection of a contractor. We prepare contract documents ensuring an agreement is in place before work commences on site and can help you arrange the handover of the site to the contractor. We provide drawing information required for construction purposes.

  • On Site

We administrate the building contract through to completion, monitoring progress and quality of work during construction. We also review any information provided by specialist sub-contractors as necessary and coordinate any information to ensure the design is realised in accordance with the contract drawings.

  • Completion

We advise on resolution of defects post practical completion and provide information for agreeing the final account. We assist building end user during initial occupation period if applicable, and carry out post-occupational evaluation as required.