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Website Now Live.

Just in time for the New Year our new website is now live following a complete overhaul from the ground up over the last few months.

Produced in conjunction with Andomain the new site features a complete redesign. It has also given us chance to expand our online reach, and now features links to our recently created social media channels, beginning a new period of online engagement and focus for the practice, as a means to increase our communication with our client base. A major part of the new website was an additional complete overhaul of our portfolio, updating our content and the way in which we present our work. The practice has developed significantly in recent years, with the addition of team members bringing new skills and energy to Niemen Architects. We have invested in the introduction of BIM and various other mediums in how we create our designs, and the new website has given us the opportunity to bring this to the forefront of our portfolio. Another new addition is this, our brand new blog format newsfeed, which going forward will form the cornerstone of our online output, giving us an outlet through which to keep our audience up to date with the latest developments in the practice, project progress, and an opportunity for further critical engagement and commentary on the goings on in the industry.

So finally, we’d all just like to say, welcome to the new website.