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Project: Concept Bespoke Extension


Situated in a rural location this bespoke residential extension proposal is currently being developed from the concept stage following a recent meeting with our clients, in preparation for the production of the planning submission.

The brief from our client was to design an open plan extension which would join the two sections of the existing ‘L’ shaped home, which would contain a new large living space, and a modern external aesthetic in contrast to the existing dwelling. The concept design of the proposed extension creates an open plan ‘heart of the home’ entertainment space, featuring a new kitchen-dining-living area, and creates greater connectivity with the existing spaces within the existing L-shaped arrangement.

At this stage the modern aesthetic has been created through the use of feature glazing to the newly proposed space, and the subtle detailing of materials. Overall the design uses a materials palette which ties the existing dwelling and the modern extension proposal together visually. The form of the proposed structure creates the modern character requested by our client.

The proposed designs also alter the orientation of the dwelling, with the new entrance proposed directly off of the existing driveway into a newly created entrance hall which connects the existing home to the new structure. This relocates the current entrance from the centre of the patio, and allows the garden to the frontage to be more useable as a leisure space.

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